June 19, 2024

Triangle InfoSeCon 2023: Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap Together

Cathy Olieslaeger hosted a panel at the Raleigh InfoSeCon 2023 Conference on October 20, 2023. Her panel guests come from all walks of life and are either students/job seekers, educators or professionals/employers. These slides capture the challenges each face, lessons learned and resources to make one's Journey into Cybersecurity a walk in the park.

Triangle InfoSeCon 2021: Journey into Cybersecurity

Watch this presentation given by Cathy Olieslaeger which breaks down the steps you can take to break into cybersecurity. This was based on lessons learned from her first 10 guests of her podcast called "Journey into Cybersecurity".

5 Entry-Level Jobs in Cybersecurity - Simply Cyber

The Cybersecurity Workforce Training Guide

Released August 2021, the Cybersecurity Workforce Training Guide is for current and future federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) staff looking to expand their cybersecurity skills and career options. This Guide helps professionals develop a training plan based on their current skill level and desired career opportunities. With over 100 training resources and certification prep courses, CISA’s new Guide can help cybersecurity professionals of all levels stay current and advance their careers.

The Guide is downloadable, interactive, and meant to work in tandem with the Cyber Career Pathways Tool. For additional cybersecurity training resources, please visit the CISA Cybersecurity Training and Exercises page.

Download the Guide today to start planning your next career move!

How to Get Into Cybersecurity with No Experience - Simply Cyber

Integrated Risk Management - A growing domain in cyber

How to protect your children online - Tweens & Technology

Cybersecurity Fireside Chat with Tweens & Technology's special guest, Bart McDonough, Founder & CEO of Agio, Inc.

Cybersecurity education starts at home. Compare how you protect your home and all your physical belongings to how you should protect your Internet-based property. Start talking about protecting yourself and your family over the dinner table, and maybe your children will want to join the cyber hero squad. If they are using the Internet for school or have a smart phone, then they should understand the basics on how to be cyber smart.

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