June 19, 2024

De’Von Carter’s amazing story is one that will give you chills every step of the way. His Journey into Cybersecurity has many chapters with a few twists and turns. There were some struggles, some adversity and some mistakes made over the years. But De’Von is the living proof that anything is possible with the right mindset, the right motivation and the right people by your side.

De’Von is a passionate teacher, a selfless leader, a giver, a mentor, a role model and someone who is making this world so much better thanks to his dedication to the cybersecurity community, the future generation and equal opportunity to minorities.

I know you will enjoy my chat with De’Von and will be inspired to follow his example and learn from his words of wisdom. What an honor it is to pay tribute to De’Von and those who supported him on his Journey into Cybersecurity!

Recommendations from De’Von

  • Accept a challenge. You may learn that you can do better and more than you thought you could.
  • Life is not fair. Don’t let adversity stop you.
  • If you’re a minority, you may have to work harder than most in order to gain access to opportunity.
  • Learn what’s possible in yourself.
  • Role models can help you envision yourself in them. Find good role models.
  • De’Von’s father taught him the importance of giving, without expecting anything back.
  • De’Von’s mother taught him to be strong and resilient.
  • Mentorship matters. Find one. Be one.
  • You’re never done learning. Surround yourself with people who have unique experiences and perspective.
  • Listen. Be coachable.
  • Have a growth mindset. Maintain a can-do attitude.
  • Be persistent. De’Von applied 13 times for the same job opening. He got the job after speaking to and – most importantly – listening to the concerns of the hiring manager.
  • Find what people need and give it to them.
  • Be humble.
  • Make mistakes and learn from them. That’s engineering! Just don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • A patent protects your intellectual property. To this day intellectual property of minorities are stolen. Filing a patent is very expensive. But it can be used as a tool to economic freedom.
  • You can go on Google Patents to see what patents exist today.
  • Cybersecurity and privacy law are emerging areas and will require more attorneys.
  • Do things to help people. Your purpose can be that simple and yet be very fulfilling.
  • Teaching can be your way of giving back. Be a teacher.
  • You want success with struggle. You fight a little harder to keep it.
  • Exercise discernment. Chew the fish and spit out the bones!
  • Success is knowing you made a difference in somebody’s life who’s not directly related to you, when there’s nothing in it for you.
  • Patience is key. Nothing is ever easy. Just keep working and you will be successful.
  • Anything is possible! Keep plugging away at your dreams.

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De’Von Carter is a sought-after security consultant that holds the designation of Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security Manager Certification. He has nearly 20 years of experience developing strategic visions for network and security solutions. De’Von is a skilled wireless network penetration tester and holds the Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP) certification.  His experience includes enterprise network design, implementation of enterprise wireless solutions and network access control (NAC). De’Von has consulted for fortune 500 companies on the implementation of various information security solutions.  He has experience leading teams dedicated to remediation efforts required to meet PCI 2.0/3.0 standards. Also, he has developed cyber security strategies that have set the roadmap for future security technology implementations.  As a Business Owner and Solutions Architect, he regularly conducts ROI analysis, technology research, and high-level design development. His research and recommendations are used by senior and executive level management in large financial institutions to guide strategic, budgetary, and prioritization decisions.

De’Von has a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Computer Networking from East Carolina University.  He has a Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Information System Security from Colorado Technical University.  Recently, De’Von earned his Juris Doctorate degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law and has passed the NC State Bar Exam.  De’Von has served as an Adjunct Professor specializing in certification preparatory courses in CompTia Network+, Security+, and CompTia Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP). De’Von is a board member in the Raleigh Chapter of the Information System Security Association, where he holds the position of Chapter President.  With the support of a strong board of directors and dedicated volunteers, De’Von has helped to grow of the annual security conference from 400 attendees to the largest information security conference in the eastern region of the United States with nearly 1500 security students and professionals in attendance.  In addition, De’Von also volunteers as a mentor to students and professionals pursuing careers in information technology. Currently, De’Von is Cybersecurity Senior Manager and Senior Vice President at Truist Financial (Formerly BB&T), which is the 6th largest bank in the country.  De’Von leads a team of cybersecurity architects that are dedicated to securing applications related to consumer lending and retail banking.  De’Von’s team is responsible for providing security architectural guidance for a portfolio of over 300 applications.


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