June 19, 2024

Anthony is the new kid on the block in cybersecurity. He just graduated with a BA degree in cybersecurity and is ready to make the world a little bit safer. Here come the roadblocks! Anthony gives his take on cybersecurity in education, the challenges he faced thus far and some ways to hack around the nay-sayers or hurdles thrown by “the system”. Get ready to be inspired!

Recommendations from Anthony

  • Join a Cybersecurity Club in school.
  • Teachers have a responsibility to guide young students to a positive application of cybersecurity skills versus the malicious hacking educational routes that children may get pulled into.
  • Internships matter.
  • Join a networking organization such as ISSA.
  • Leverage online learning resources above and beyond the school or internship experience.
  • See if your cybersecurity college can also pay for your Security+ certification.
  • Help the next kid in line.
  • Attend CTF competitions. Leverage online resources like TryHackMe or HackTheBox or CTFtime.Org.
  • Watch DefCon videos online.
  • Look for junior level jobs versus entry-level jobs on LinkedIn or Indeed.
  • Apply multiple times for the same job. Be persistent.
  • Apply for a job so you are in the hiring organization’s HR resume database.
  • Use the same key words in your resume as in the job posting.


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