May 24, 2024

There are free resources available for students and people new to the cybersecurity field, including:

Awesome CTF

Github put together this list of tutorials, software, resources, frameworks and libraries to help people new to CTF competitions as well as veterans.

CTF Time

There are a lot of Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions in our days, some of them have excellent tasks, but in most cases they're forgotten just after the CTF finished. We decided to make some kind of CTF archive and of course, it'll be too boring to have just an archive, so we made a place, where you can get some another CTF-related info - current overall Capture The Flag team rating, per-team statistics etc.

Hack The Box

Hack The Box gives individuals, businesses and universities the tools they need to continuously improve their cybersecurity capabilities — all in one place.

Reddit's Security CTF

This forum hosts real-time questions and answers to questions about competitions and strategies.

Trail of Bits CTF Guide

This resource explains how capture the flag competitions work and includes a list of competitions and ideas on how to prepare.


Byte-sized gamified lessons.


This practice zone includes labs built for beginners to test cybersecurity skills.

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